Social networking was the demise of the old Music Industry model, so it should be no surprise it must be the creator of the new one. RockStock™ is an exciting new direction allowing fans the opportunity to play a significant part in the growth and success of the artists they choose to support and invest in.


RockStock™ focuses on the front end of its model, allowing the fan base to shape and grow the business, as a partner. This is the new consumer culture and within it, the new model for the Music Industry.


The new model must adapt to a changing set of business rules. It used to be, awareness plus motivation equals action…a business proposition. First you create a product, then you sell it to the consumer. Now, it is a social proposition… understanding motivation, then providing an outlet for that energy and passion.


The new currency is about providing opportunity for the “crowd” to participate in ways that deeply resonate…rather than being adept, clever, or sophisticated at selling a product or service.


Those searching for the new music model have limited their creativity to the back end of the model. Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon Prime, have done nothing but further dilute and devalue the entire industry as they massively discount content in an effort to sell to the consumer.


The primary tenant of The New Model: You must first engage with the whole person, not just the part that consumes. Simply put, RockStock™ allows the fans to become a stakeholder with the artists they love.


Through RockStock™'s app based, social network and crowdfunding platform...showcasing the acts of tomorrow through online, multi-genre competition.


Determines the front runners.


Finances their careers through both equity and conventional crowdfunding, NFT's, and Artist generated STO's.


Puts the power of media, and consumer offerings, in the hands and control of the Artist.



RockStock™ is an exciting new direction allowing fans the opportunity to play a significant part in the growth and success of the artists they choose to support and invest in. The RockStock™ Platform creates a vibrant Artist community, elevates the best of the best through online competition, and finances their launch with security tokens, NFT’s or revenue shares purchased by their fans.


Under the direction of Project Leads, Dave Abbott and Bill Rowan, world leading app developer ID Fusion will shape the MyRockStock app as a community for artists around the globe. Think of it as Facebook meets Kickstarter meets American Idol online. This digital ecosystem will provide all an artist needs to purvey their music, sell their wares, create NFT’s and STO’s, and interact with their fans…while at the same time being an exciting gateway to potential fame and fortune.


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RockStock™ is a groundbreaking project in the field of music which represents a significant disruption in the ways in which music is owned, distributed and monetized. Using the Blockchain network and ledger as the primary means of storing and distributing music, RockStock™ is allowed the opportunity to deliver a wholly new ownership model which enables artists to share the success of their content with fans and investors.


By recording participant votes on the public ledger we allow for a provably fair global competition through a secure, accurate and scalable voting system.


RockStock™’s revolutionary instantaneous revenue management vision allows fans to share in the financial rewards generated by an artist’s rise to fame and fortune.


Equity Crowdfunding through Revenue Share. Think of this as new age stocks and IPO’s. Think of each song as a product, each artist as a CEO. How would you have liked to own a piece of the Beatles before they broke?


RockStock™’s revolutionary securitization platform will create shares that package future rights to revenue from particular artists, songs or albums. These shares will be tradeable on exchanges globally allowing fans to fund the artists they love and participate in the rewards that come from that artist’s rise to stardom.

Tokenized Revenue Rights

RockStock™ is creating a system that allows artists to tokenize and sell future rights to revenue from their performances, production events, albums and catalog. Initially, this platform will allow artists to showcase their songs and perform to a global audience. This will serve as a launch event for the artist’s career and allow them to generate song revenues via NFT’s and engage fan partnership through Equity Crowdfunding via STO’s.


As the artist performs, the event can be recorded in front of a live audience. The recordings are then timestamped and held in storage and even as the artist is on-stage, editors will work to cut together the best version of the performance. Sometime after the performance is finished, an ‘ideal’ version will be written to the ledger in a single transaction as an NFT.



Using Metanet technology, the data can be contained within a front end that allows users to find access and pay for it simply and quickly using Crypto or fiat currency. Fiat currency would be paid in through the legacy money network and managed by a smart contract. Once possible, the system will provide a seamless interface to any national currencies issued on the Platform.


The front end app can give the user options to buy access to a video or a collection of videos for a single watch, a day, a week, a year or for life. The recording’s ownership rights are managed by a RockStock™ smart contract. The contract is paid up-front by the consumer and can be renewed simply and easily if it expires. This would allow a dedicated fan to pay once for a lifetime of access to that copy, or allow someone who prefers a rolling playlist to purchase rights for a week or a day, or even just a number of times, (once, ten times…). You can even go so far as to measure and bill access per second. A full spectrum is possible.



The contract that manages the revenue distribution and rights ownership for each piece of content is also a RockStock™ smart contract. This contract pays out a dividend into the creators’ trust.

Creators' Trusts

A creators’ trust is set up such that the artist or artists, producers and workers receive credit tokens. These tokens are static and without value, but give receiving parties an immutable credit in the creation of any content. This trust is an easy way to touch everyone involved with the financial and critical success of the project, and provides a very simple and easy way for workers in the industry to track their achievement.



All credited contributors would also be paid for their work on the edit and the artist and anyone who is contracted to receive revenue shares would receive them at the time when Creator’s trust smart contract is created. Depending on the contract rules, ownership rights would typically then be able to be freely traded on the open market. The platform then uses an exchange-like marketplace where executives, fund managers and collectors could purchase the rights to content revenue.


One aspect of this marketplace would be an ability to create rights holding trusts which themselves can purchase NFT ownership of multiple different pieces of content. These can be from a particular artist, year, genre or simply represent the interest of the owner. These contracts can also collect revenues into a trust which can be distributed to members, or used to buy further rights. Through this system, a multi-tiered architecture can form, allowing a dynamic and vibrant marketplace to emerge very quickly.



Each contract has costs for which it charges contract action fees. These are very cost effective with most exchange events priced at a fraction of a cent. The cost of storing high definition media on the ledger will drop by at least one order of magnitude within 2 years.

Paradigm Shift in Artist Payments

This means that every single person who consumes that content will be paying directly into the Creators’ trust. The full revenue generated by a single piece of content becomes instantly visible, and successful artists with huge revenue income can use this to build their reputation.

Alternate Versions

It now also becomes possible to create multiple different versions of a performance with different viewpoints and overlays, allowing users to skip between different perspectives in a time locked replay of parallel tracks. Video can be sourced from any file captured with the correct timestamp information. This allows for a model where anyone who records an event on a device can offer their recording for others to use and be credited and/or paid every time someone watches their version of the edit.


The use of RockStock™ NFT’s allows RockStock™ to achieve things heretofore impossible with music distribution, which provide artists, and fans an unprecedented means to connect and a fairer and more transparent way of paying for revenue from performance art.



The first breakthrough is the use of the ledger’s capacity to act as a ‘timechain’ whereby complete events can be encapsulated in unique transactions and written to the ledger, stamped with a time and wrapped in a playback contract. Once an event is captured on the ledger in a static, unchangeable way, every single playback event can be tied to that one copy. This gives listeners and viewers unprecedented certainty that the content they are being presented is genuine and that the artist is being fairly paid.




The second breakthrough is the use of payment channels and the ledger’s capacity to accommodate vast numbers of microtransactions which allows the service to operate without subscriptions, and with a huge degree of transparency. Songs can be billed per second, per listen or the rights purchased outright. These transactions can each represent fractions of a cent, however can be cost-effectively billed using the upcoming ROCKSTOCK™ ledger and advanced network infrastructure.




The third and most critical breakthrough is the ability to tokenize the rights to the distribution of revenues taken via the platform and paid in microtransactions. Individual performances can be divided into shares and sold to fans as NFT’s, companies or more. Artists can choose to sell part of a performance for an up-front payment, or may keep the full rights for themself, retaining 100% of the revenues. Importantly, when an artist retains some or all of the rights to their own music, a fan who consumes their content would end up making payments directly to that artist. This is a fundamental change to the fan-artist relationship and removes several layers of middlemen and organizational cruft which whittles down the returns to the artist. In this way, access to music can become cheaper, more equitable and far more enjoyable.

Revenue Streams


Multifaceted revenue streams emanating from the sale of PPV Performances, Music, Merchandise, and NFT’s

Pay Per View

Pay Per View was once the exclusive domain of large cable networks. The RockStock™ app and Platform will allow the Artist to broadcast their live performances to their fans, wherever they may be. Also, recordings of these shows can be packaged and sold as NFT’s…


The RockStock™ Vision allows for emerging artists to mint their own NFT’s and purvey shared ownership directly to their growing fan base. Yet another way the fan can participate in the excitement of a career blowing up to worldwide fame and fortune.

The RockStock™ Model: STO Crowdfunding

Enter RockStock™: Equity Crowdfunding through Security Tokens open to all of the millions of artists and bands worldwide. RockStock™ will allow white label branding and crowdfunding by all artists, allowing the fans to support, grow, and participate in the careers of the Artists they love.

Revenue Streams

Dream Team

RockStock™ Equities Inc. (REI) has assembled an all-star cast of former Industry Executives, Producers, and Songwriters, to join hands with leading Blockchain Executives and STO Engineers, to create a new music platform for the ages.


Current board members and forward retained appointments include David Abbott, Todd Hicks and Bill Rowan who have been instrumental from business concept to company founding, through a multitude of development phases of the RockStock™ organization. The balance of the Board will be comprised of respective appointments providing global market perspective with diverse experience in the music, entertainment, crowdfunding, e-commerce, legal and finance industries.

Dave Abbott Full Size bio



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Mr. Abbott has a background in marketing, marketing communications, and entrepreneurial endeavors. His projects have often been reported in major national media outlets from Time magazine to USA Today, and include coordinating corporate sponsorship for a World’s Fair. Specializing in creating new models in major markets, Mr. Abbott has been recognized as a ground-breaker in such diverse industries as Sports, Entertainment, Pharmacy, Music, and the Comic Book Industry. A postage stamp issued by the Canadian Government commemorates his first major entrepreneurial play “Captain Canuck”, which also now resides in the National Museum of Man and Nature in Ottawa. The 2001 “Canadian Information Productivity Awards” (CIPA) held in Toronto and attended by the Prime Minister, honored his achievements with a National Award of Excellence for World Cup Fishing…the world’s first Social Networking site and online tournament platform. Now, having been approached by senior Executives in the Music Industry searching for a new business model, Mr. Abbott answered that call with the creation of RockStock™…the ultimate connection between the fan and the artist. Through that ethereal connection, a commercial engine to drive the music Industry into the 21st Century will be born.

Todd Hicks



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Executive Manager with 25+ years’ experience in Corporate advisory roles, Private & Public Board representation, business development, marketing and venture capital at the corporate level, as an Agent and as an Entrepreneur, including extensive start-up and emerging market enterprises.  Having worked in a multitude of sectors not exclusive to agri-business, franchising, health & wellness, med-pharm, new media, e-commerce, renewable energy & resources sector; Mr. Hicks provides very broad and diverse experience to the Team




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Bill Rowan has 25 years of experience as a business consultant, marketing and operations management leader for multiple corporations and Fortune 500 companies. This includes work at Mercer Consulting, Putnam Investments, New York Life Insurance Company, and as Manager of North American Operations at EzyMedia, where he maintained ownership for North American business activities. Bill has overseen the design, development, and marketing activities for multiple startup companies throughout their incubation period and oversaw a successful 2018 China music tour and rebranding for an up and coming music artist.

Riaz Mehta Full Size Bio



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Riaz is the founder of Imagine Group in Singapore. Established in 2005, the group is now the number one media and entertainment production company in Asia. It began when Riaz saw the lack of high quality original reality TV content in Asia, and saw the opportunity to fill the market need.

Today, Imagine Group is internationally acclaimed, with an Emmy Award nomination for The Challenger Muay Thai. With this, Riaz was recognized as one of the most prominent and powerful figures in Asia Media by The Straits Times Singapore in 2010. He envisions Southeast Asia as a world-renowned center for entertainment production and hopes to bridge the gap between Asia and Hollywood with more compelling and original shows.

Rowan Hill Web 2



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Rowan is a driven, next generation entrepreneur with a keen interest in renewable energy, disruptive technology and sustainable systems across a broad industry spectrum. Rowan has a unique perspective on the intersection of big business, community and our shared disruptive future. With over 10 years of building his reputation, Rowan has proven himself as having an ability to build rapport quickly and create long-lasting business relationships, resulting in an impressive business network across Wellness, Energy, Banking, Trading and Blockchain sectors. Rowan is also an advocate for compassionate leadership, empowering those around him to better understand their strengths and weaknesses whilst creating a positive  environment to elevate those around him. He is also a big believer that business can always be done in a fair and equitable way, creating a win-win for all parties involved.

Dave Jaddock



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With more than a decade of intensive finance, operational and management experience, David Jaddock has proven expertise in guiding companies through critical stages of growth.  His clients have included Canadian, US and International companies across the retail, manufacturing and foodservice industries.  David has held positions of Managing Partner, CFO and CEO with companies in different stages of growth and spends his spare time volunteering for local non-profit charities.

Christelle Dussalt Bio



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Christelle was selected by the RockStock Team, to be featured as the Platform Artist for the initial roll out phase of RockStock in America…and beyond. Our search focused on finding an artist with an exceptional vocal talent and range, with solid experience as both a touring and recording artist…but yet unsigned. Add to that, Christelle is completely bi-lingual, and has a solid understanding of blockchain and  crypto-currencies, with an ability to represent and promote our platform to the artists and bands of the world. www.christelledussault.com


The Advisory Board Members have been selected for their ability to bring specialized skills and experience to the company. In addition to the RockStock™ Team involved in daily operations, the Advisory Board Members will include some of the industry’s most reputable names who will be counted on for their various areas of expertise.

Tom Vickers


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After getting his start writing for Rolling Stone magazine, Tom soon found himself hired to work for George Clinton at the height of the PFunk sound. It was the first step on a 30-year career that would see the lifelong music lover work as a publicist, music publisher and song-driven A&R man. As the head of West Coast publicity for A&M Records, Tom oversaw press campaigns for artists including The Police, The Go Go’s, Jeffrey Osborne, Joe Jackson and The Carpenters. From there he moved into music publishing at Almo Irving, A&M’s publishing division and was responsible for song placements with Whitney Houston, the Whispers, Nelson and Triumph. Tom’s passion for matching the right song with the right artist took him to Capitol and Mercury Records where he worked in A&R finding hit material for artists including Tina Turner, Heart and Vanessa Williams. After leaving Mercury, Tom continued to work as an independent A&R guy with artists as diverse as Etta James, Hammond keyboard wizard Brian Auger, and Billy F Gibbons from ZZ Top. Tom has produced over 100 compilation albums and nominated for a Grammy for this work on the Sony Records box set over view “Sound of A Century.” Tom is a Voting Member of NARAS, former 20-year Member of NARAS Pop Screening Committee, voting Member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Former Member – Board of Governors for NARAS, and former Board Advisor of UCLA’s Music Program.

Bobby Holland


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Whether designing albums for platinum artists such as Stevie Wonder, George Duke and Jeffrey Osborne, or photographing cultural icons like Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, and Michael Jackson, Grammy-nominated filmmaker and photographer Bobby Holland has been entrusted by Hollywood’s top entertainers for over twenty years to bring out the best in their images — and in doing so, reveal their very souls. Bobby’s world spins rapidly, both in his day-to-day orbit as a film, video and multimedia producer, and amid the dazzling galaxy of international stars whose faces have shone in the vibrant lens of a Bobby Holland shoot – faces belonging to Chris Tucker, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, ZZ Top, Bill Cosby, Queen and Salma Hayek, to name a few. His endless creativity and high standards of quality have garnered him a reputation as a producer of some of the world’s best film and video campaigns, documentaries, and brand imaging. His client list includes The Time-Warner Corporation, Sony, Motown, Warner Brothers, CNN, Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Coca-Cola. Bobby has received numerous international honors, including the prestigious “The One Show” for his on the PSA campaign, “Stevie Wonder – Mothers Against Drunk Driving,” and was nominated for a Grammy Award for his packaging design, art direction and photography of Stevie Wonder’s In Square Circle album.

Geoff Rooney Final Bio



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Geoff Rooney is a Partner within BDO Financial Services Audit practice based in Sydney Australia. Prior to BDO, Geoff was part of EY’s Financial Services Risk Advisory and Audit practices.

Geoff provides Audit and Assurance services to the Financial Services industry including Wealth Management, Funds Management, Superannuation, Banking, Insurance and Fintech and blockchain clients.


He is an experienced assurance professional, as well as operational risk and compliance expert, with a career spanning multiple disciplines within the Financial Services sector.


His working style is professional and disciplined. Geoff demonstrates a high level of professional scepticism, client service and attention to detail.

Yankun Guo Final Bio



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Yankun Guo is a Partner at Goldstein & McClintock LLLP, a boutique law firm with 8 offices nationwide. Ms. Guo advises on corporate and securities law, with application to emerging technologies, fund formation, venture financing, and corporate compliance. Additionally, Ms. Guo acts as outside general counsel to a number of small businesses and start-up companies.


Prior to joining Goldstein & McClintock, Ms. Guo spent several years in private practice following company-side positions with Opportunity Financial, LLC and in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group’s Transactions, Commercial Relations Group and Corporate Compliance Team.


The RockStock™ Technical Team, including renowned Bitcoin Expert, Brendan Lee, will apply its collective knowledge of the blockchain ledger, network, and tokenized smart contract protocol, to the development of the RockStock™ app and platform.

These out of the box innovators, will play key roles in the development of the RockStock™ app, featuring a new music royalty system hailed as a breakthrough by industry leaders.
brendan lee


Senior Technical Advisor

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Brendan is considered a Bitcoin expert with deep knowledge of the Bitcoin Ledger, network and protocol, tokenized platforms and protocol.


An out of the box innovator who understands the practical aspects of engineering.


Highly adaptable and able to function in high pressure environments.



Blockchain Founders Fund

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Aly is the Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund which invests in and venture builds top-tier start-ups and consults companies and governmental organizations on emerging technologies. He is a Limited Partner on Loyal VC. Aly is a Senior Blockchain Fellow at INSEAD and was recognized as a “Blockchain 100” Global Leader by Lattice80. He has served on various blockchain advisory roles including Polymath and traditional advisory boards including the University of Toronto’s Governing Council. He currently consults organizations on emerging technologies such as INSEAD and the UN on solutions to help alleviate poverty. He is an internationally acclaimed author, publishing three books, including the award-winning book titled, “Your Guide to Succeed in University”, as part of the Succeed Series and a monthly columnist for the leading blockchain magazine. He is a mentor with Chinaccelerator, an elite accelerator program operated by the venture fund SOSV with $500M+ AUM and the Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX).


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